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Dave Murray (Good Farms) gives lecture at Cal Poly

Dave Murray (Partner, Good Farms) gave a lecture (3 May 2023) at Cal Poly on "Crisis Response Issues Management". This is a topic rarely addressed in undergraduate education. Our students have a front row seat, listening to professionals who are in the trenches and willing to impart important lessons learned in the real world.

While here, Dave shared his thoughts about the Center: "The Cal Poly Strawberry Center has effectively become the hub of our industry for field research and automation. But more importantly ... thanks to the steadfast dedication of leadership and staff, the Center has created a culture that attracts top-quality students from all fields of study....some of whom will shape the future of strawberry production in California." Thank you Dave for making the trip to Cal Poly and sharing your crisis management wisdom and knowledge with our our students!

View Dave's full presentation on our Center YouTube channel @

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