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The strategic vision of the Cal Poly Strawberry Center is to Increase the sustainability of the California strawberry industry through research and education that addresses industry needs.

The key strengths of the Cal Poly Strawberry Center are:

  • The only organization in the US dedicated solely to strawberry research and education

  • Uniquely positioned on California's Central Coast at the geographic center for 90% of US Strawberry production

  • Funded through a unique partnership between Cal Poly and the California Strawberry Commission

  • Access to a broad range of faculty in all agricultural sciences

  • Access to California's top undergraduate students

  • Access to the strawberry industry as a resource for education and training of Cal Poly students and technical expertise on strawberry production and its issues

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Strawberry Fact

GMOs & Strawberries

There are no genetically modified strawberries commercially grown and shipped.

Different varieties of strawberries are developed for specific growing conditions using traditional breeding methods that involve selecting two parent varieties and crossing them using their flowers.