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Cal Poly students harvesting berries

Learn by Doing

Cal Poly students harvest berries for research and for sale in campus markets.

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Student Scott Cosseboom collects botrytis from strawberries

Botrytis Gray Mold Research

Cal Poly student Scott Cosseboom collected Botrytis gray mold samples in 13 different fields in Ventura County as part of our research on current resistance management practices.

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Strawberry Center Team

Students and staff in campus research field. Students are holding research tools and the results of their labors!

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Beautiful Berries

Long Stemmed berries are picked fresh and ready for dipping in Cal Poly Chocolate

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Student packing strawberries in clamshells

Ready for Market

Cal Poly Student Christian Bejarano packs strawberries in clamshells for retail markets

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Proud Farmers

Left to right: Gerald Holmes, Kelly Ivors and Ryan Brantley show off the first harvest on Feb 18, 2015.

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Research Field

One of the strawberry research fields on the Cal Poly, SLO campus

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counting pests

Pest Management

Daniel Olivier with the CA Strawberry Commission demonstrates lygus bug counting technique to Cal Poly senior Jennifer Tarke

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close up of fruit salad

Mix It Up!

This fresh "All Cal Poly produced" fruit salad was served to hungry campus guests at Open House

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Children eating strawberries

Taste Testers

Parents and children alike lined up to sample different strawberry varietals grown at Cal Poly and vote for their favorite

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berries growing on campus

Solar Energy

Strawberries growing and ripening in the warm San Luis Obispo, CA sunshine.

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Field 25 Research Field

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Strawberry Fact

Did you know? California grows approximately 90% of the nation's strawberries.