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Center graduate Jack Koster accepts CSUMB faculty lecturer position

We are delighted to announce that Strawberry Center recent graduate Jack Koster M.S. has accepted a position as Faculty Lecturer at Cal State Monterey Bay. Teaching within the Biology and Chemistry Department, Jack's courses are centered in the department's new Agriculture and Plant Sciences Major and focus on crop management, technical writing, molecular evolution and ecology, as well as senior capstone classes. In this new position, Jack specifically enjoys integrating his research work at Cal Poly into his courses and being able to relate to the agriculture community as a local. Jack's ability to not only teach plant pathology labs here at Cal Poly, but his ability to teach and mentor our undergraduate students at the Center helped him prepare for this professional role.

A huge congratulations to Jack, from your colleagues and friends at the Strawberry Center!

Jack Koster, Strawberry Center Field Day 2022
Jack Koster, Cal Poly, Strawberry Center Field Day 2022 (photo courtesy of California Strawberry Commission)

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