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Single-Barrel Bug Vacuum

California strawberry growers use bug vacuums in their fields as part of their integrated pest management strategy for the control of Lygus bug. In 2020, a new, more efficient single-barrel bug vacuum design was shown to increase Lygus bug uptake by 3.1 times that of conventionally used vacuums. This is a result of the new vacuum’s increased airflow. Thank you to C&N Tractors for working with the California Strawberry Commission and the Cal Poly Strawberry Center on the fabrication and field testing of the double-barrel bug vacuum.

Continue reading for details on the design.

*Intended for use in 2-row bed strawberry fields typical of the Watsonville/Salinas growing districts*

Building a Single-Barrel Bug Vacuum


* Contact California Strawberry Commission before ordering

Video: How to assemble a single-barrel bug vacuum 


Drawings & Downloads



Fabrication Drawings

Fabricators: please email to request DXF files 



Andrew Molinar

California Strawberry Commission

p. 805.340.8373


Jack Wells

California Strawberry Commission 

p. 805.235.7784

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