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Peer-Reviewed Journals

2014 — 2024

Wang, Y-C., Mansouripour, M. S., Hewavitharana, S. S., and Holmes, G. J. 2024. Effect of cultivar and temperature on disease development of Macrophomina root rot in strawberry. Plant Health Prog. In press (accepted for publication 18Dec2023) 

Wang, Y-. C., Hewavitharana, S. S., and Holmes, G. J. 2024. Two-year survey of Botrytis fruit rot levels in commercial strawberry fields in California with and without fungicide applications. Int. J. Fruit Sci. 24:45-60.

Koster, J. T., Ding, S., Holmes, G. J. Robinson, E. A., and Hewavitharana, S. S. 2024. Effect of sequential crop termination and bed fumigation on Verticillium dahliae soil and plant density in strawberry. Int. J. Fruit Sci. 24:1-17.

Steele, M. E., Mendez, M., Hewavitharana, S. S., and Holmes, G. J. 2024. Survey of soilborne pathogens infecting strawberry in Santa Maria, California. Int. J. Fruit Sci. 23:256-266.

Hassani, M-A., Gonzalez, O., Hunter, S. S., Holmes, G., Hewavitharana, S., Ivors, K., and Lazcano, C. 2023. Microbiome network connectivity and composition linked to disease resistance in strawberry plants. Phytobiomes J. 7:298-311.

Steele, M., Hewavitharana, S., Henry, P., Goldman, P., and Holmes, G. 2023. Survey of late-season soilborne pathogens infecting strawberry in Watsonville-Salinas, California. Plant Health Prog. 24:104-109.

Hewavitharana, S. S., Klarer, E., Muramoto, J., Shennan, C., and Mazzola, M. 2021. Analysis of environmental variables and carbon input on soil microbiome, metabolome and disease control efficacy in strawberry attributable to anaerobic soil disinfestation. Microorganisms 9:1638.

Lazcano, C., Boyd, E., Holmes, G., Hewavitharana, S, Pasulka, A., and Ivors, K. 2021. The rhizosphere microbiome plays a role in the resistance to soil-borne pathogens and nutrient uptake of strawberry cultivars under field conditions. Sci. Rep. 11:3188.

Palmer, M. G., and Holmes, G. J. 2021. Fungicide sensitivity in strawberry powdery mildew caused by Podosphaera aphanis in California. Plant Dis. 24:104-109.

Palmer, M. G., and Holmes, G. J. 2021. Characterization of strawberry host plant resistance to powdery mildew caused by Podosphaera aphanis. Plant Health Prog. 23:82-86.

Fink, C., Banuelos, J., Rossi, L., Barker, M., Edsall, M., Olivier, D., and Lin, J. 2020. An evaluation of spray rig designs for California strawberries using water-sensitive paper. Int. J. Fruit Sci. 20:1-8.

Hewavitharana, S. S., and Mazzola, M. 2020. Influence of rootstock genotype on efficacy of anaerobic soil disinfestation for control of apple nursery replant disease. Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 157:39–57.

Holmes, G. J., Mansouripour, S. M., and Hewavitharana, S. 2020. Strawberries at the crossroads: Management of soilborne diseases in California without methyl bromide. Phytopathology 110:956-968.

Mansouripour, S. M., and Holmes, G. J. 2020. First report of Botrytis cinerea causing leaf spot on strawberry in California. Plant Dis. 104:1866.

Shearer, P. W. et al. 2020. Invasion of the brown marmorated stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) into the United States: Developing a national response to an invasive species crisis through collaborative research and outreach efforts. J. Integr. Pest Manag.11:4.

Wells, J., Fink, C., Edsall, M., Olivier, D., and Lin, J. 2020. Prototype Lygus spp. vacuum provides improved pest management in California strawberries. Int. J. Fruit Sci. 20:1019-1028.

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Hewavitharana, S., Klarer, E., Reed, A., Leisso, R., Poirier, B., Honaas, L., Rudell, D., and Mazzola, M. 2019. Temporal dynamics of the soil metabolome and microbiome during simulated anaerobic soil disinfestation. Front Microbiol. 10:236.

Palmer, M. G., Mansouripour, S. M., Blauer, K. A., and Holmes, G. J. 2019. First report of Aspergillus tubingensis causing strawberry fruit rot in California. Plant Dis. 103:2948.

Cosseboom, S. D., Ivors, K. L., Schnabel, G., Bryson, P. K., and Holmes, G. J. 2018. Within-season shift in fungicide resistance profiles of Botrytis cinerea in California strawberry fields. Plant Dis. 103:59-64.

Cosseboom, S. D., Ivors, K. L., Schnabel, G., and Holmes, G. J. 2018. First report of Botrytis mali causing gray mold on strawberry in California. Plant Dis. 102:679.

Finn, C. E., Strik, Finn, C.E., Strik, B. C., Mackery, T. A., Moore, P. P., Dossett, M., Jones, P. A., Lee, J., Martin, R. R. Ivors, K. L., and Jamieson, A. R. 2018. ‘Marys Peak’ strawberry. HortScience 53:395-400.

Haack, S. E., Ivors, K. I., Holmes, G. J., Förster, H., and Adaskaveg, J. E. 2018. Natamycin, a new biofungicide for managing crown rot of strawberry caused by QoI-resistant Colletotrichum acutatum. Plant Dis. 102:1687-1695.

Edmunds, B. A., Clark, C. A., Villordon, A. Q., and Holmes, G. J. 2015. Relationships of preharvest weather conditions and soil factors to susceptibility of sweetpotato to postharvest decay caused by Rhizopus stolonifer and Dickeya dadantii. Plant Dis. 99:848-857.

Holmes, G. J., Ojiambo, P. S., Hausbeck, M. K., Quesada-Ocampo, L., and Keinath, A. P. 2015. Resurgence of cucurbit downy mildew in the United States: A watershed event for research and extension. Plant Dis. 99:428-441.

Lookabaugh, E. C., Ivors, K. L., and Shew, B. B. 2015. Mefenoxam sensitivity, aggressiveness, and identification of Pythium species causing root rot on floriculture crops in North Carolina. Plant Dis. 99:1550-58.

Loyd, A.L., Benson, D.M., and Ivors, K.L. 2014. Phytophthora populations in nursery irrigation water in relationship to pathogenicity and infection frequency of Rhododendron and Pieris. Plant Dis. 98:1213-1220.

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