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2.5 acres and over 50,000 plants

We realize that these are not big numbers for any commercial grower, but it's a big day for our small team at the Strawberry Center because our whole season of research starts here!

Unlike some years where temperatures soared over 95F, we had a nice cool (high of 71F/22C), sunny day for transplanting last Wednesday 2 Nov 2022. We are extremely grateful to our team of students, staff and the labor crews who made it happen in one day.

A special shout-out to Darensberries/BlazerWilkinsonGee and Good Farms for sending two labor crews to help us plant and to Lassen Canyon Nursery for donating bareroot transplants. The work is long and tiring, but scanning across the bed tops dotted with beautiful strawberry transplants at the end of the day makes every bent back and deep knee bend worth it!


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