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Field Day 2022 Information and Handouts

Strawberry Center 6th Annual Field Day
Thursday • July 28, 2022

Our largest attendance yet!
Over 440 strawberry growers, researchers and industry representatives gathered at the Strawberry Center for this year’s Field Day. Participants rotated through Automation, Entomology and Plant Pathology stations, hearing from Cal Poly students and staff about the latest research taking place at the Strawberry Center. Topics ranged from the newest automation technology to predatory mites to soil-borne pathogens of strawberry, and much more!


Complete Field Day 2022 Handout Booklet (PDF)
Field Day Agenda (English) (PDF)
Field Day Agenda (Spanish) (PDF)
2022 Sponsors Sheet (PDF) 40 total Sponsors!
2022 In-Kind Donors Sheet (PDF) 12 In-Kind Donors!

Platinum Sponsor Handouts

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Individual Presentation Handouts (PDFs)

  1. Minor Pathogens and Abiotic Problems on Strawberry Health 
  2. Mulch Color and Number of Drip Lines and their effect on Macrophomina Root Rot
  3. Fungicide Efficacy Against Botrytis Fruit Rot and Powdery Mildew
  4. Soilborne Disease Survey in Watsonville-Salinas
  5. Cover-cropping Suppression on Macrophomina Crown Rot
  6. Susceptibility to Macrophomina Crown Rot
  7. Host Plant Resistance to Verticillium Wilt
  8. Crop Termination for Verticillium Wilt Management
  9. Predatory Mites in Strawberries
  10. UV-C to Manage Insects and Mites
  11. Susceptibility of Lygus and Spider Mites to Insecticides
  12. Biodegradable Mulch as an Alternative to Conventional Plastics
  13. Infield Lygus Bug Monitoring for an Integrated Pest Management Program
  14. Optimized 2-Row and 4-Row Spray Rig Design
  15. Plastic Mulch Cross Hole Puncher
  16. Field 4D – Promoting Runner Cutter Automation

RECAP VIDEO: 2022 Field Day

Check out this recap of 2022 Field Day, our most attended Field Day yet, with over 440 attendees and 40 sponsors! Thank you to the California Strawberry Commission's marketing team for this nice production.

Direct link to YouTube video

KSBY Coverage: 2022 Field Day

YouTube video, Cal Poly Strawberry Field Day coverage
Direct link to YouTube video

AND NOW YOU KNOW Coverage: 2022 Field Day

YouTube video, Cal Poly Strawberry Field Day coverage
Direct link to video

Thank you to our event sponsors and in-kind donors!

We are grateful to our LUNCH CO-SPONSORS Yara and Good Farms.


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