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2-Row Spray Rig Recommendation (Watsonville & Salinas)

Our recommended manifold design is 8 nozzles per bed, spraying at a pressure of 100 psi. The recommended nozzle is TeeJet Even Flat Spray Tip TP8003EVS Blue with an even flat fan pattern. We evaluated this manifold design at a rate of 133 gpa and tractor speed of 3.24 mph. Results show that using even flat fan nozzles, minimizing spray overlap, and positioning the nozzle closer to the canopy level can significantly increase coverage. 

*Please note, proper maintenance, calibration, and spraying at canopy level ensures improved distribution uniformity and overall spray coverage. 

Continue reading for details on the design.

Building a 2-Row Spray Rig

 Components (Single Bed)

Video: How to attach a spray manifold onto a tractor


Video: How to assemble a nozzle drop 


Video: How to attach a nozzle drop to a spray manifold 


Drawings & Downloads: 


Manifold Drawings:

Design schematic:



  • California Strawberry Commission 
  • p. 805.340.8373



  • California Strawberry Commission 
  • p. 805.471.2278

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